Roast Pork with Crispy Crackling

The best roast pork with crackle made easy with 4 simple ingredients!

Cook Pork Roast this weekend or holiday with IGA’s favourite crowd pleaser.

A deliciously juicy pork roast suited for any cut (roast pork belly, loin, shoulder or leg roast) with a crunchy, crispy & golden crackling skin.

Perfectly paired with an apple sauce for roast pork or gravy to die for. Apple sauce and crackling – need we say more?

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Serves 4 Servings

10 Prep Time

120 Cooking Time


2kg pork leg (bone-in)

2 tbsp olive oil

1 lemon juiced

1 tbsp sea salt


  1. Preheat oven to 250°C.
  2. Using a sharp knife, gently score the skin of the leg across in close parallel lines. Make sure you cut all the way through the skin to the meat.
  3. Rub the entire leg with oil and lemon juice and then with the sea salt. Rub well into the scores as this not only seasons the meat, but helps draw out moisture, producing ‘crispy crackling’.
  4. Place the roast in a large roasting pan. Cook uncovered for 30 minutes, then reduce the temperature to 180°C. Continue cooking for 25 minutes / 500g of weight, or 1½ hours.
  5. Once the roast is done, remove from the oven and rest for 20 minutes before carving to serve.

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